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I Used To Be So Shy I couldn't Even Introduce Myself Properly or Face A Crowd Yet I Have Spoken To Millions of People Through Television and Live Appearances All Within The Last 5 Years.

I had To Figure Out Some Basic Things By Myself Through Years of Trial and Error But I'd Share Some of Them With You If You Just Fill In Your Name and Email Address In The Box To Your Right.

  • 7 exciting ways to start your speech.
  • 3 Parts of every meaningful Speech. If any of these elements is missing, your speech will not make much sense.
  • 3 key elements of every speech. These are different from the 3 parts of a great speech. These three elements are present in every speech that has changed the world including Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I HAVE A DREAM" and Barack Obama's "YES, WE CAN"
  • Why what you say is only half as important as how you say it.
  • Common mistakes public speakers make and how you can avoid them.
  • How to speak with power, poise and panache.

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